Brunch @ Hana Rosa Café

It’s Tuesday and so we took a morning out to have brunch since D doesn’t have to go to school today. 🙂

We headed to Hana Rosa Café, as recommended by Shevonne/Audrey/Jonathan:

We were greeted by their display of pastries upon entry:

Very homely, cosy ambience:

Reminds us of Sassafras

J’s iced latte with a scoop of ice cream and D’s long black.

J’s grilled strawberries with pancakes and ice-cream:

It’s supposed to come with bananas, but J doesn’t like bananas and so had them changed.
Jonathan ordered pancakes with mixed fruits of banana and strawberries – at no extra charge.

The pancakes were fluffy (until they soaked up the maple syrup) and yummy.
Anyhow, the (over-)generous portion of maple syrup made eating the pancakes a little jelat (Singlish for when you have too much of a particular food/drink and get sick of it); maybe also because there’s ice-cream and so everything was too sweet.

D’s Hana Rosa breakfast:

It was supposed to come with bacon but D had it changed to smoked salmon – and again at no extra charge! Wow? Wow.
D’s breakfast was a “safe” order and couldn’t go too wrong – the tomato relish was lovely.

We’re really glad to have found this new brunch place. 🙂
Looking ahead, we believe 1 thing we will miss about Oz would be her lovely brunch places – good food, good coffee, good ambience AND good service! 😉
Really, we wouldn’t be able to get such ambience and service at such prices in Singapore… 😐

Hana Rosa Café
Cafe Hana Rosa on Urbanspoon
20 Latrobe Terrace
QLD 4064
Tel: (07) 3876 4800


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