Beer-Sauce Fish Fillet with Garlic-Mushroom-Mash

The hubby mentioned in passing that he’d like to have fish cooked in beer in one way or another, and so I decided to try some beer-cooking this evening. (#13 in communicating respect to hubby! 😉 )

• 1 head of garlic
• 2 potatoes (cubed – for easy mashing)
• 2 tablespoons of mushrooms (sliced/diced to your preference and however much you like mushrooms)
• 1 teaspoon of oregano leaves
• 1 teaspoon of black ground pepper
• 1 teaspoon of salt

Bear-Sauce Fish-Fillet:
• 2 pieces of fish fillet
• 100g of prawns (sliced)
• 1 lemon
• 2 tablespoons of mushrooms (sliced/diced to your preference)
• 2 tablespoons of garlic (chopped)
• 2 tablespoons of onion (chopped)
• 1 tablespoon of canola oil
• 1 bottle of beer
• 1 teaspoon of thyme leaves
• 1 teaspoon of black ground pepper
• 1 teaspoon of light soya sauce
• 1 tablespoon of olive oil

1. Boil 1 head of garlic and cubed potatoes until soft:

2. Mash garlic and potatoes.
3. Add mushrooms, oregano leaves, pepper and salt to garlic and potatoes, continue mashing until smooth.

4. Marinate fish fillets and prawns with olive oil, soy sauce, black pepper, thyme leaves and half a lemon.

5. Stir-fry chopped garlic, onions and mushrooms in pan of heated canola oil:

6. Add lemon juice (from remaining half of lemon) and beer to pan; simmer for 10 minutes:

7. Add prawns and leave to cook:

8. Add fish fillet and leave to cook:

9. Serve hot with garlic-mushroom-mash!

Besides the beer-sauce being too bitter (because of the beer), the dish went well. The garlic-mushroom-mash was more flavourful than when I first did mashed potato with salmon.
Not sure how to make the beer-sauce not bitter yet not lose the flavour of beer – will work on it and share if I make a “discovery”. 😉


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