Pork Ribs Corn Soup

Darien had been studying at our place all day and so we asked him to stay for dinner – it beats him going back home, having to cook for himself and then washing up, an absolute waste of studying time.

J loves cooking soup and so she prepared Pork Ribs Corn soup for dinner. (There’s a soy beancurd dish, but we aren’t sharing that until we get it ‘right’.)

• Pork Ribs
• Loin Meat
• 1.5 stalks of Corn
• Potatoes (quantity according to own preference)
• 1 Brown onion (sliced)
• 7 Red dates
• 1 tablespoon of Wolfberry
(We did not add carrots as we had run out of them 😦 Carrots make soup sweeter 😉 )

1. Place all the ingredients in pot.
2. Add 2 large bowls of water to pot.
3. Heat the pot and leave soup to simmer.

Now you know why J loves cooking soup – it’s all about dropping in all the ingredients you like and then leaving them to cook, how simple! 😉


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