ANZAC Day 2014, ‘Lest We Forget’

Note: This post ahead would be filled with lots of photos and videos of the Brisbane ANZAC Day Parade, with sparse captions…

Early this morning, we met up with the Brisbane pals to make our way to Brisbane City for the ANZAC Day Parade.

Anzac Day – 25 April – is arguably Australia’s most important national day. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

Anzac Day has been continuously commemorated since 1916. The Anzac Day Parade, together with dawn vigils, memorial services and veterans reunions have been a feature of the commemoration of Anzac Day by the citizens since its earliest days.

While the Anzac Day Parade was initially a commemoration of the sacrifice of WWI veterans and then WWII veterans, in keeping with the changing focus of Anzac Day nationally, it is today a commemoration of the sacrifices of those who have ‘defended’ our Australian way of life in all conflicts and military commitments by Australian Forces since WWI.

The Brisbane Anzac Day Parade remains a significant commemorative event on one of Australia’s most important national days. It complements the Dawn and Memorial Services, as well as regional parades.

It’s an absolutely beautiful day!

The street had been cordoned off to get ready for the parade:

Troops were getting ready for the parade:

The first troops…

Regardless of age, there was a lot of pride/remembrance/gratitude when they marched.

Different units/battalions involved in wars were commemorated/represented:

Australian Defence Nurses:

Navy Headquarters South Queensland:

8/9 RAR Pipes & Drums:


Some of them are war veterans themselves:

Some of them are descendants/spouses/family members of those who fought in wars:

Some of them may be retired military personnel:

There were various (military) bands:

Redland Ladies Drum Corps:

City of Bundaberg drum corps:

Brisbane Brass:

They may not march to the same beat, but at least they take pride in what they do and the people are proud of those who serve as well!

Students took part in the parade as well.

This is the TS Gayundah of Australian Navy Cadets:

Some bikers’ association were part of the parade too:

Such depth to the message…

Remember the fallen, care for the living.

1 year ago on 25 April, J was in Sydney and was part of the ANZAC Day Parade there:

(D was in Brisbane then.)

It’s our second ANZAC Day in Australia and J’s respect for servicemen grows just as her disappointment for some Singaporeans does…
There’s so much respect and love for the servicemen here unlike in Singapore where servicemen worry about being STOMPed for doing normal human-stuff (like sitting on the MRT!?).

There’s so much remembrance and pride for those lost but Total Defence Day (our Remembrance Day in Singapore) is like a joke to those “commemorating” it – the siren, fire drills, fans and lights switched off, sweet potato sold do not seem to mean much.

What is going on in that little red dot?? Singaporeans have got to be bigger and better than this…

P.S. Don’t argue that it’s because we’re a conscript army or that the gahmen’s policies are to be blamed…


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