Brunch @ The Ponycat

After watching most of the ANZAC Day Parade in the city, we headed to Ponycat for brunch; it’s a public holiday and not many places are opened.

The Ponycat is located on the restaurant strip of Brunswick Street, where we have been going to for a bit.

Obvious from their menu-board, they have an ‘all day breakfast’-menu.

The chalked walls and magazine-pages-decorated tables radiate an artsy vibe:

D’s long black, as usual:

J’s iced coffee with a scoop of ice-cream:

D’s ‘Smoked Salmon served on Scrambled Eggs & Ciabatta with a Cherry Tomato Salsa & Balsamic Glaze’ ($18) with extra field mushrooms ($4):

J’s ‘Fried Eggs on Toast’ ($10) with extra honey baked ham ($4) and field mushrooms ($4):

The Ponycat‘s coffee is good as with the great combination of simple but tasty food.
The service was awesome, with the staff all cheery in welcoming us and getting us settled.
Turnover rate of the patrons was high – staff cleaned up quickly and had people settled and served quickly.

Check out this poem from The Ponycat’s Facebook Page:
Ponycat, Ponycat, can we eat lunch,
and all of the nice things that you have for brunch?

If we come early, can we have some eggs?
And all of the coffee to fill up our legs?

We have been good so we may have cake!
And come back tommorrow to see what you make!

Our kitchen is open daily till 3,
and we stay another hour or so for free.

But on Sundays when Ponycat needs his rest,
so on Monday can be at his best.

We close the kitchen at 2,
And go and recharge at the pub for a brew.

The Ponycat
Ponycat on Urbanspoon
Shop 2, 693 Brunswick Street
New Farm
QLD 4005
Tel: 07 3254 2883
Hours of Business: 7 days – 7 am to 3 pm


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