Japanese Green Tea Ice-Cream

J is on a matcha-craze and we found a powder mix for Japanese Green Tea Ice-Cream at Yuen’s Supermarket:

Priced only at $4.80, this mix can make 250 ml of ice-cream.

It’s also really easy to prepare, just add 200 ml of milk to the powder mix:

With an electric mixer if possible, mix well until it thickens:

You may either freeze it in a tub/bowl or in individual servings like what we did:

Leave for freeze:

We’re really glad we split them into individual servings like that because they taste really good and if we’d done it all in a tub, they’ll all probably be gone in a jiffy!

Not only is this cheaper in satisfying our matcha ice-cream craving, it’s also healthier because we added skimmed milk instead!
Yay to such good deals! 😉


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