Brunch @ Pablo

We went for brunch (again) at New Farm (again) along Brunswick Street (again).
We seem to be at New Farm quite a bit these days – Jakarta, The Ponycat, Au Cirque and today, Pablo.

It’s our first time a Pablo and when we arrived 5 minutes to 12, we were asked to wait for a table for 7 because it was packed outside and there was only a table for 4 then:

15 minutes later, we were seated; in that 15 minutes though, there were 3 other couples who entered and got seated – business looks good with high turnover!

It was a really small place – with only 9 x 2-seater tables and 1 x 4-seater table…

The server was a really was helpful with our orders and always smiley!

10 minutes after our orders were taken, our drinks were served.

This is Shevonne’s Chai Masala with Cinnamon Powder:

Compared to Chai Latte, there was a stronger taste of herbs.
(It was when Shevonne was deciding what to do with her cinnamon powder, which was served in a cup from which she should drink from, that we encountered a rather rude/judgemental staff – she was handing out our cutlery and Shev was “smelling” the cinnamon powder when that staff snidely remarked that it was cinnamon powder. Her body language was also rather aloof…)

Jon and Audrey’s Chai Latte:

Definitely less presentation than Abby’s Chai Latte at Au Cirque

D’s long black, as usual…

We noticed that all the teaspoons are special and seem to be collectables from different places, interesting!

J’s milkshake of two shots of espresso with milk and vanilla:

She didn’t like it because it was too diluted and she could barely taste the coffee 😦 Abby thought it was just all right and she liked it though…

Our food orders were served pretty quickly after our drinks were served.

Rude/judgemental/aloof waitress served us our food, and again, she seemed impatient that we were hesitant on who ordered what – it could be our fault that we aren’t really listening but it’s easy to be distracted when in a big group? Anyway, moving on…

D’s Savoury mince, slow-cooked with pieces of chorizo, Barossa speck bacon, cherry tomatoes & baby spinach. Served with herbed crème fraiche, free-range fried egg, fresh lemon & sourdough toast ($18):

D absolutely loved the mince, which was tasty and juicy but not too wet.

Jon and Shev ordered a Smoked salmon, shaved cucumber, caper & herb pickle, free-range dill scrambled eggs, smoked tomato compote, seeded peasant toast, fresh lemon ($17) each:

The salmon was smoked well and the presentation-stack of salmon+cucumber+pickle+lemon was impressive.

Audrey’s order of Seasoned avocado on sourdough toast, basil, mango & tomato salsa, grilled haloumi, pink lake salt, Maleny avocado oil, fresh lemon but with a change of grilled haloumi to eggs:

Darien’s Seasoned avocado on sourdough toast, basil, mango & tomato salsa, grilled haloumi, pink lake salt, Maleny avocado oil, fresh lemon ($14):

Abby’s Smashed peas with zucchini & mint, lemon ricotta, grilled haloumi, double-smoked Barossa speck bacon, & fresh lemon over caraway & onion rye toast ($16):

The peas weren’t exactly smashed but still, Abby savoured her choice.

J couldn’t quite decide what to have from the menu – she was feeling too lazy to process all the words, and so decided to have a chicken sandwich from the cabinet:

Priced only at $8, it was a balanced mix of chicken breast with tomato, rockets, cheddar cheese and caramalised onion.

Besides J’s order, all our food were presented very nicely on our plates – each portion of breakfast looks small but is actually filling by the end of our meal! 😉

Since we dined in a group, we were given the option to pay individually at the cashier:

Check out their shelf of Genovese coffee beans and colourful range of T2 Tea leaves.
(In case you’re wondering, that’s not Miss Rude/Judgemental/Aloof.)

It is quite a small place, isn’t it?

It is cosy and homely nonetheless. 😉

Maybe because everything looks cramped and close together, there’s a homely feel to it?

Pablo on Urbanspoon
893 Brunswick Street
New Farm
QLD 4005
Tel: 07 3254 4900
Hours of Business: 7 days – 7 am to 3 pm


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