3rd year-dinner @ Moo Moo

Another 5.12 marks another year of our relationship. (Believe it or not, it’s only our 3rd year together…)

Honestly, it’s not about how long a couple is together before they get married, because they have the rest of their lives to get to know each other better! 😉

Looking back on our journey together, thank God for giving D the perseverance, strength and love to court a very difficult J.
Thank God for the past 1095 days together and His never-ending blessings, protection, love and grace.
Thank God for taking us around the world! 😀
Looking forward to more adventures around the world these 2 years before J falls ‘jubilee pregnant’ (proclaiming in faith for the pregnancy; and thought J wants twins or quadruplets, D would just like a boy and a girl) and then expanding our family in 2016.
In the meantime, it’s just the hubby and wifey against the world!! 😉

Anyhow, we “celebrated” (it’s not quite a celebration, but more that we’re taking time to spend ‘quality time’ together!) our relationship with a dinner at Moo Moo. (Again… We were there just last week!)

A complimentary dish of lightly-seared wagyu beef:

Love their sides and so ordered 3 (for $23 – price has gone up since our first visit!)

E.v.o.o Mash Potatoes with taleggio:

The mash potatoes were tasty and the taleggio kind of helped to “stick” the mash together for more chewy-oomph.

Moo Moo Truffled shoestring fries:

The fries somehow didn’t taste as good as when we first had it with the newly-wedded Hong Rui and Hui Lin last year – they were too salty and we couldn’t taste the truffle. 😦

Sauteed forest floor Mushrooms with chèvre:

The mushrooms, different from the ones we had with Hong Rui and Hui Lin, were tasty and went well with the chèvre too; though D popped the entire piece of cheese into his mouth and then found it too overpowering! 😛

D’s 300 gm Wagyu Rostbiff ($48):

J’s 300 gm Tenderloin ($58):

We’re both pleased with how Moo Moo did our steak!

D had his beef done ‘medium rare‘:

D’s medium rare steak was warm through the middle with a hint of red with most of the center of the steak pink. The sides were well browned with the top and bottom charred to a dark brown color. D’s steak had a firm surface but was soft in the middle.

Medium rare‘ is the recommended level of doneness for a good steak and chefs would like their steak prepared this way.

On the other hand, J is squeamish about eating ‘rare’/’bloody’ food and hence likes hers done ‘medium well‘ (because well done would be too tough?):

Her steak only had a hint of pink in the very middle of the steak. The surface was a dark brown with good charring on the top and bottom. Her steak was very stiff (to D) but still had a little squish in the center. Done perfectly to her liking! 😀

We really love Moo Moo‘s Hot fudge Sundae ‘Moo Moo’ style – rich chocolate brownie topped w. vanilla bean ice cream, lashed w. hot fudge + finished w. house made crunchy honeycomb and so we ordered it, again:

(Even though we would be meeting the Brissy buddies for dessert at Passion Tree after dinner… 😛 )

Moo Moo
Moo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill At The Port Office on Urbanspoon
39 Edward St
QLD 4000
Tel: +61 (07) 3236 4500
Hours of Business: Open 7 days a week – Lunch from 12pm; Dinner from 6pm
Dress Code: Smart Casual


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