Singapore (?) Dessert – Muah Chee

J has been invited to a picnic with international “students” from her English Conversational Class at Hillsong Brisbane and everyone is to bring a dish that is unique to his/her home country; after pondering over it, she decided to bring a “main” (Kaya Toast) and a “dessert” (muah chee).

We did some googling and “modifying” from a few recipes to make our own according to our own liking.

• 1 cup glutinous rice flour
• 180 mL water
• 2 tablespoons canola oil
• crushed shallots
• crushed peanut + sugar mixture

1. Mix glutinous rice flour, water and cooking oil in a microwaveable bowl. (I used A chopstick because it was easier to mix.):

2. Add crushed shallots to mixture and mix well.

3. Microwave mixture for 3.5 minutes. (You should then get a sticky paste/dough/batter.)
4. Scoop paste/dough/batter into bowl of peanut+sugar mix and cut.

Tadah! Home-made muah-chee is ready in a jiffy (we took 15 minutes – may take longer if you struggle with the removing of paste from bowl, like we did the first time! AND 15 minutes assuming peanuts/sugar mix is ready…)

P.S. We’ve found that it’s easier to cut the paste/dough/batter when it is coated with partially fine ground nuts and crushed nuts – let us know how yours turn out! 😉


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