Even more VFM @ Hosokawa!

According to Jie Yu, Hosokawa is even more value-for-money than Sushi Kotobuki, where we tried in late March.
Hence, we made a reservation to have dinner at Hosokawa.

Large and small platter of sashimi at only $36 and $22 respectively:

J doesn’t take sashimi but according to D and everyone else who did, it’s a generous portion for the price to pay.

1 portion of California Roll ($10) and 2 portions of Prawn & Avocado Roll ($8 each):

2 portions of Spicy Tuna Roll (S10 each):

1 portion of Salmon Roll ($8.50):

California Hand Roll ($10):

The seaweed roll looks long and promising but half of it is “empty” so it can effectively be folded upwards in half for consumption.

Salmon Tempura Hand Roll ($10):

Although like the California Hand Roll, half of the seaweed roll is “empty”, the thickness of the salmon and the amount of roe makes this all worth it!

Beef Tataki ($13.50):

Agedashi Tofu ($10):

Tempura Udon ($18):

Ten Zaru Udon ($18):

Overall, we think that this place is most value-for-money if you consume sashimi because each slice is thick and is served in a generous portion!
The other dishes aren’t too bad as well.
Service is also good and prompt.

We like this place and will be back! 😉

Hosokawa Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon
3 / 53 Racecourse Road
QLD 4007
Tel: (07) 3868 3762
Hours of Business: Mondays to Fridays – 1130 am to 3 pm
Mondays to Saturdays – 6 pm to 930 pm


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