Worst brunch ever @ Pancake Manor

J tried the “dessert pancakes” last year and they were pretty tasty, so we decided to return today for brunch – obvious from the title, it was absolutely disappointing…

D’s eggs benedict (poached eggs changed to scrambled eggs), doesn’t it look so messy?

J’s eggs benedict – why do the poached eggs look so sad??

D’s long black, which shouldn’t go wrong?

J’s iced coffee, which she did not finish… … …

Terrible food aside, we were curious to why there was a long queue when the place was relatively empty – there were empty tables around, sufficient to have the people queuing seated BUT there was a queue!
No idea why…

Overall, we didn’t like brunch at The Pancake Manor (CBD) – J’s worst brunch but D’s second worst (he thinks the “bug” café was worst!).

We’ll probably just return for dessert pancakes (or not?) another time, possibly because it’s one of the few 24-hours places in Brissy… Oh well…

The Pancake Manor (CBD)
Pancake Manor - CBD on Urbanspoon
18 Charlotte St
QLD 4000
Hours of Business: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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