2014 Family Holiday Day 1: Horse-Riding @ Gumnuts Farm Resort & Outlet Shopping @ Harbour Town

We set off really early this morning to get to Gumnuts Farm Resort for a morning of horse-riding.

This horse-riding experience is slightly different from what I experienced at another horse-riding session last year because we actually got to trot the horse!

We purchased a half-day horse-riding pass online and hence got the following at only $39:
• horse-riding
• horse-trotting (optional)
• cow milking
• whip cracking
• boomerang throwing
• animal feeding

The best part about the half-day pass is really, as the name of the pass suggests, the horse-riding.

Grandpa Teo and Cheryl were ahead of me:

Mummy Tay and Uncle Derrik were way ahead of the 3 of us:

The 90-minutes horse-riding (through the forest trail) ended with a session of horse-trotting:

It isn’t as easy as it seems and can get pretty scary; glad to have attempted it nonetheless.

A photo with our charming horses:

Family photo with the horse!

After horse-riding, we had a simple morning tea:

Finally, we went on to the other “farm activities”. The cow milking and animal feeding were honestly quite pathetic because there was only 1 cow and a couple of goats:

Grandpa Teo was really awesome at whip-cracking!

The rest of us tried too but were terrible, and so let’s not even see our photos… 😛

Since the family’s in Australia, they gotta try boomerang-throwing; Cheryl’s pretty good at it:

Grandpa Teo’s pretty good too:

Mummy Tay’s not too bad too:

What a beautiful day it is to be in Australia! 🙂

A photo with the crew of Gumnuts before we leave:

Somehow Grandpa Teo got cut from the photo. =.=

A family groupie before we leave:

The selfie-stick is really so handy. 😉

We headed to Harbour Town for lunch and an afternoon of shopping.

We ended our shopping with a groupie right in the centre of Harbour Town:

We received quite some looks/stares as we took the photo. 😛

We had dinner at Sunnybank to end our day:

It’s been quite a long day but I’m so thrilled to be experiencing Australia with my family like this! 😀


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