2014 Family Holiday Day 2: Checking out the Brisbane suburbs? Kind of…

After the long day the family’s had yesterday, they decided to stay in Brisbane to chill today instead of driving up to Gold Coast again – I had planned to bring them to the Mountview Alpaca Farm.
With the change of plans, while Daniel was away in school early in the morning to sit for the 3rd of his 4 papers, I was preparing to cook chicken rice for them.

After some 2 hours of preparation, lunch was served:

I had to use a mixture of chicken breast and thighs because the family prefers the more tender thighs.

After lunch, I brought them to check out Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, which is kind of like how Vivocity is to where we live at in Singapore… 😛

Somehow we were stuck at Kmart for a good part of the time we were shopping; even met a fellow Singaporean there!

The day ended with us heading to the city for dinner at Funny Funny:

I’m not a fan of Korean food but I absolutely LOVE the fried chicken at Funny Funny!!

As Daniel is still in the midst of the exam-chaos, the original itinerary planned for my family was that he would be left out of all events until examination ends on Thursday, BUT Song Qian made a last minute trip into Brisbane and wanted to celebrate Daniel’s birthday, and so, out of the mugging-nest Daniel went:

Family photo with the birthday boy:

Groupie before we head home:

Groupie with Grandpa Teo:

Hehe 😀

It’s been a simple day well-spent with the family, I like. 😀


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