2014 Family Holiday Day 6 (II): (Birthday) Tze-Char Dinner @ Jindalee

After resting for a bit in the evening, we headed to Stir Fry Cafe for dinner:

Although away from Singapore, I am feeling absolutely blessed and honored that my family and 2+2 friends have taken time off their busy schedules to have dinner with me today! πŸ˜€

Although we’re both in Brisbane, we haven’t had much time to meet-up! πŸ˜›

Stir Fry Cafe
Stir Fry Cafe on Urbanspoon
Jindalee Central
62 Looranah Street
QLD 4074
Tel: +61 (07) 3376 5585
Hours of Business: Open 7 days – Lunch 11am to 3pm; Dinner 5pm to 930 pm
Note: Tuesdays – Dinner only

After dinner, I sent my family back to their accomodation and waited for Daniel, Darien and Abby to come over – we were supposed to chill for a bit then maybe head out to meet Songqian.

Awhile later, the 3 of them returned with a cake:

And we had a little celebration in my family’s room πŸ™‚

Yuyin and Nick bought us a gift too:

Gifts we received – mugs (from Yuyin & Nick), Sunglass Hut voucher (from Darien to Daniel), and a thermo cooker (from Darien and Abby to us, especially me to cook soups!):

It’s my second birthday away from Singapore and this birthday has been made special because I have my family with me…
I am indeed blessed! πŸ˜€


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