2014 Family Holiday Day 7: Movie World

Something beautiful about living in Brisbane is that we are sooooooo close to the more happening Gold Coast and so, off we head to Movie World today!! 😀

It was reeeeally packed today! Possibly because it’s the start of school holidays, and possibly because the annual pass expires tomorrow…

Or maybe, because there’s Carnivale going on…

Best shot Cheryl and Mummy Tay could get with Scooby Doo!

Mummy Tay’s solo shot with Scooby Doo:

Scooby Doo and Shaggy’s last shot for the session:

First ride of the day is the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster, to warm us up for the rest of the rides (which we have time for!):

We wanted to go on Batman next, but the queue was too long and not everyone present wanted to do a ‘drop’…

SO, we went on the Green Lantern instead!

This is the umpteenth time J’s said this but she is absolutely thrilled that Cheryl is here!

When we were finally done with Green Lantern, it was time for the ‘All Star Parade’ and we were seated on the kerbs:

We then made our way to Hollywood Stunt Driver 2, an extra session at 4pm:

Here’s a video of the closing scene:

Spectacular and breath-stopping!

Find Mummy Tay! 😛

By the time we prepared to leave, the visitors for Carnivale were making their way in.

Dream come true for J! 😀

A groupie before we leave!

We then headed to Sunnybank for dinner at Malaya Corner:

And ended our day at Sakuraya! 😉

It’s been a long day but not quite fruitful because we only went on 2 rides at Movie World… 😦
It’s really a pity that it was sooooooo crowded for one reason or another – if J had stuck to her original plan of bringing the family here on Tuesday, Cheryl and her couldn’ve gone on more rides… 😛
Ah well, nonetheless, Movie World – checked!


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