Brunch @ Elk Espresso

Since we were going to Gold Coast for another staycation to jumpstart the mid-semester break, we decided to head to Elk Espresso for brunch:

It is much quieter today, arriving at 1 pm, as compared to when we arrived at 8 am in the morning in July (on the day we went to pick Matthew up from Gold Coast):

All tables were taken and people were waiting outside the café.

There was a very homely and cozy feel to the vintage décors of the café:

The staff were really friendly and cheery – same level of service even when it was bustling with crowd (in July)!
We were served very quickly.

J’s Chai Latte:

She can’t decide if this is nicer or the one from Milton’s Comfort at my Table… 😛 (Best chai latte she’s had is still Ground Bean Cafe’s! 😉 )

D’s ‘Peanut Butter Chocolate Thickshake’:

It was really thick but somehow we did not get sick of it – have you tried drinks that are so thick you don’t want to drink them any more? This thickshake was different, instead of getting sick of it, we wanted more!
There were granulated peanuts in it, giving the drink an extra crunch.
Priced at $7, this is worth-it and so life-changing! 😉
We’re craving it again as we recount our experience! 😛

J’s ‘Grilled Salmon with mixed grain raw vegetable salad, free range poached eggs & lemon lebnah’:

J chose this mainly because she craved salmon, but this dish was heavenly!
The mixed grain raw vegetable salad went really well with the salmon, with broccoli and cauliflower bits.
It was a new taste to J but she loved everything so much she cleaned the plate out.

D and Darien’s ‘Breakfast Burger’ (smoked Byron bacon & fried egg on a brioche roll with chutney, avocado & feta mash, jalapeños, fresh spinach & gruyere cheese):

They loved how all the ingredients of the burger blended well with each other, especially the bacon, which was crispy yet not dry.

Definitely returning when we go to Gold Coast! 😉

Elk Espresso
Elk Espresso on Urbanspoon
16 Chelsea Ave
QLD 4218
Tel: +61 (07) 5592 2888
Hours of Business: 7 days a week – 6am to 4pm
Note: Closed on Public Holidays


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