Brunch @ Tazza Coffee

We headed out for brunch at Tazza Coffee this morning.

We had a little trouble locating Tazza Coffee when we first got on to Russell Street because there wasn’t any sign that shouted out its name BUT the chef happened to bring trash out and heard us talking about finding Tazza Coffee. 😛

The boss (man in black D is talking to) was a jovial and humourous man who was Indonesian, stayed in United States for most of his life and then relocated to Australia 4 years ago. He bought the café over last year.

A quick google and we found out that the spot Tazza Coffee now occupies used to be Cup Specialty Coffee. We obviously haven’t been to Cup and hence can’t compare any differences since the change of ownership, but from what we gathered online, it seems like fans of Cup who were hesitant about going to Tazza (Italian for cup) were won over. 😉

At the “second entrance” to the café, there’s a shelf of coffee beans, organic chai leaves and various equipment to brew coffee (cup filter, kettle, aeropress filter paper, Aeropress):

D decided to try a filter coffee, which he read much raves about; the barista was excited about preparing it and even talked us through the extraction process!
That’s the barista rinsing the filter paper, heating up the cone and cup to get the equipment ready for extraction:

While placing the ground coffee right in the middle of the cone, he spoke to D about the coffee:

They use coffee beans from Uncle Joe’s Coffee</a, which sources and roasts the most sought after and unique coffee beans in the world (

The barista invited us to watch the extraction process; the first step is the ‘bloom’, to get the coffee grounds wet by adding a small amount of hot water and let it sit for about 30 seconds.

In that 30 seconds that the water “sits”, there was bubbling and we were told that this “sit” would allow the water to soak the grounds all the way to the bottom of the filter where they would be well-seated for more extraction. He also said that the pot needs to be very still so at not to “mess” up the coffee grounds:

The barista was adding water in circular motion every 30 seconds, then leaving the water to sit for another 30 seconds, and repeating for 5 minutes:

(That makes a total brew time of 2.5 minutes.)

We left him to brew the coffee one of the gentlest ways, as it provides the most clarity of flavour, and achieves a nuanced, refined and well-rounded drink (Market Lane Coffee) and returned to our table to wait for our food; J’s ‘Tazza Special Chai Latte (15 ingredients)’ ($5) was served awhile ago (we got too distracted by the filtration of coffee that we forgot to capture a shot of the drink, hence it looks all clumpy 😐 ):

Unlike the usual chai lattes, the taste of spices (cinnamon, cardamom) were stronger but in a nice way.

D’s filter coffee ($7) was soon ready and the barista advised D to drink it while it’s hot in little sips and savour the sweetness at the start then citrus taste towards the end of the pot:

J’s Tazza Mushrooms – Whole grilled mushroom stacked on sourdough with poached eggs, rocket, grilled asparagus and thyme orange whipped feta ($18.50):

J really loved the thyme orange whipped feta which gave the dish an extra (citrus) oomph. 😀

D’s The Dome – A stack of scrambled eggs, chorizo and mushroom on a bed of baby spinach with a side of toasted sourdough and smashed avo ($17.50):

Nothing really special about this but D loved how the eggs were scrambled and the taste of them.

Overall, we loved the service we received and the quality of food/drinks.
We’ll be back. 😉

Tazza Coffee
Tazza Coffee on Urbanspoon
85 Russell St
West End
QLD 4101
Tel: +61 (07) 3846 3746
Hours of Business: Mondays to Fridays – 7 am to 3 pm,
Saturdays – 730 am to 3 pm,
Sundays – 8 am to 3 pm


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