Thank You 2013… Hello, 2014!

12 things we are thankful for, each for 1 month of 2013:

  1. D’s scholarship “upgrade” which would allow him to focus on his studies better.
  2. D’s smooth transition to life in Aussie.
  3. J got her diving license with her BFF Janise… Like finally!! AND went diving with Gareth and Jie Ling
  4. J’s “promotion” from lowest life-form to second lowest life-form in the ministry 😛
  5. We confirmed our trip to Sydney in June/July (visiting Abby, getting to know John, Dyane, Bing Yi) and booked our air tickets for a trip back to Singapore (via Qantas) in September at a good deal of SGD 500 each with a 1-night-stay at Regent Hotel!
  6. J started UPL and reunited with D in Aussie!! 😀
  7. D’s perfect GPA for his first semester in UQ (J is so, so, SO proud of and happy for D!!)
  8. We went skydiving, solo and in tandem!
  9. Two of our close friends, Hui Lin and Hong Rui, got married and we had the pleasure to be back in Singapore for the happy occasion; also got to meet up with quite a number of family and friends over the short 5D4N trip!
  10. We found a fully-furnished new place that’s near campus at a superbly good deal of $270pw with water, electricity and internet all included!!
  11. Despite overloading in Semester 2, D’s in the “Dean Commendation for High Academic Excellence List” again (Mrs Hu told him he isn’t going back to Singapore for summer if he doesn’t ace his subjects! :P)!
  12. D is clearing a module for “summer” programme in Shanghai (so he doesn’t have to overload his remaining semesters) and so we both get to experience Shanghai and Beijing, maybe Suzhou and Hangzhou if we have time/money!!

Thank God that 2013 has been yet another great year for us. We have grown stronger as individuals and closer as a married couple, all by His love and grace. We have faith that 2014 is going to be another awesome year for us, we trust that He will bring us from glory to glory, from strength to strength! 😀

Thank you 2013… Hello 2014!


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